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Take A Walk On the Wild Side: Hiking Tours At Pybus Point Lodge

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Take A Walk On the Wild Side: Hiking Tours At Pybus Point Lodge

A serene, remote waterfall on Admiralty Island.

Southeast Alaska is truly one of the most stunning geographical regions in the entire United States. Just about everywhere you look you’ll find a view that could easily be featured in National Geographic. When you factor in all of the exciting wild animals that you might encounter, it’s no surprise that people travel from all over the world to experience this pristine wonderland. 

Unfortunately, many travelers only see Alaska’s rugged interior from the deck of a cruise ship or fishing charter and never get to experience it for themselves. That’s why we offer guided hiking tours to all of our guests! Throughout your stay, our Adventure Guide is here to show you the best of the Alaskan rainforest and teach you everything you need to know about the local plants and animals that make Alaska such a special place.

In this post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the hikes we offer at Pybus Point Lodge, and all about the other incredible land tours and excursions that you can experience with our amazing adventure guide! 

Hidden Waterfall Hike

A guest of Pybus Point Lodge soaking in the spectacular view!

If you’re up for an epic adventure, you’ll love our half-day Hidden Waterfall Hike! This is the perfect opportunity to see Alaska’s rugged brown bear country for yourself, up close and personal! Before we begin, we’ll even outfit you with all the gear you need to enjoy the wilderness, without getting wet and uncomfortable. After that, it’s time to head to the waterfall!

Our Adventure Guide will have a small expedition boat ready for you down on the dock. Whenever you’re ready you can climb aboard and we’ll take you to a beautiful secluded bay on the shores of Admiralty Island. Admiralty Island (where Pybus Point Lodge is located) is home to more wild brown bears than all of the lower 48 states combined! And our little island also boasts one of the largest populations of bald eagles on the planet! 

Protip! If seeing bald eagles is a must on your vacation, make sure to book with us in the first half of the summer.

Once you reach the bay, it’s time to explore! Following the lead of your guide, you’ll climb overboard and onto one of Alaska’s most remote beaches. After a short walk, you’ll reach the mouth of a small (or large depending on the time of year) river that flows into the bay. This is the starting point for your hike to the hidden falls. Your adventure guide will lead you down a small trail along the river where you’ll see the lush Tongass National Forest in all its glory. At times, the trail involves crossing the river. In the early summer months the river is shallow and easily traversed wearing a simple pair of rubber boots that we provide to all of our guests. In the late summer and early fall, the river can be a bit deeper. If you visit us during this time, we’ll make sure to outfit you with a pair of high quality waders (the waterproof coveralls that fly fishermen use.) 

A few happy hikers after arriving at the waterfall.

After a short hike, you’ll reach your final destination, the hidden falls! You’ll see a gorgeous, glacial waterfall that cascades down into a crystal clear pool of water. If you’re looking for that perfect photo backdrop that will make all your friends jealous, this is the place! Deep in the rainforest, you’re surrounded by beautiful greenery, massive trees, and even gorgeous wildflowers (depending on the time of year.) If you make the trip to the falls in the late summer, the water might even be filled with wild salmon that have traveled hundreds of miles to spawn in this exact location. 

A couple of hikers posed in front of the waterfall.

If this sounds like a good time to you, let us know! As soon as you arrive at the lodge, meet with our Adventure Guide and let them know everything you want to see during your vacation. Keeping your to-do list in mind, we’ll consider the current weather and water conditions to craft you the ultimate Alaska itinerary!

Protip! If you’re up for an added challenge, your guide can lead you through the forest to the top of the waterfall! Though it is a little more difficult to reach the spectacular view is well worth the hike.

Steele Trail

A group of hikers making their way through the lush rainforest.

Another exciting hiking opportunity is the Steele Trail. Starting right at Pybus, the Steele trail is a beautiful hike that takes you deep into the Admiralty National Monument. Way back in the 1970’s the national monument was created to preserve this exceptionally unique and exciting piece of land and all of the interesting creatures that call the area home. 

If you’re looking for a way to experience this amazing location without having to go on too strenuous of a hike, the Steele Trail is the perfect option for you! Our Adventure Guide will lead you along the winding path and teach you all about the flora and fauna of the island. In the midsummer time, the forest is ablaze with a variety of delicious wild berries! If you visit us during this time, our Adventure Guide will help you identify all the different species of berries, and let you try them for yourself!

As you follow your guide, you’ll make your way to the muskeg. What’s a muskeg you ask? Great question! A muskeg is a special kind of bog that can be found in northern climates such as Alaska and the Arctic. It’s essentially a wet, swampy area that’s full of peat–an accumulation of decomposing plant life that forms a spongy carpet like ground. Peat bogs function as planet earth’s natural air filter, soaking up carbon dioxide more efficiently than anything else on earth–including the Amazon Rainforest! Even more impressively, muskegs can take thousands of years to form! On the Steele Trail you’ll be able to get an excellent view of this vital natural process. 

As you continue on, you’ll arrive at a serene little creek–the perfect place to stop and take some photos, eat a snack, and to soak in the spectacular beauty of the Tongas National Forest. After that, your guide will take you back home to Pybus Point Lodge.

The beautiful Tongas National Forest.

The Steele Trail takes anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes to complete and is relatively easy for hikers of all ages. Just keep in mind that we are in a rainforest and the trail can oftentimes be pretty muddy! As long as you don’t mind the slippery terrain or climbing over the occasional fallen log, you’re in for a great Alaskan hiking experience!

When the tide conditions are just right, you can hike back to the lodge along the gorgeous shoreline of Admiralty Island. This can be an excellent way to see some of the wild critters that make Alaska so special.

Our Steele Trail Hike is one of many exciting evening excursions offered at the lodge. Each night we host an exciting family friendly activity–from the Steele Trail hike to our gold panning presentation you and your family are guaranteed to have a great time!

If you’d rather hike the trail in a small private group at a different time let us know! We’re here to help you have the perfect vacation, and we’re more than happy to give you a private experience.

Baranof Warm Springs Hike

A group of our guests enjoying the natural warm springs.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed hiking experience, we’ll take you on a scenic ride to the nearby Baranof Island. Depending on your schedule and the local weather conditions, we can take you to the island by boat or seaplane (some additional restrictions/conditions may apply to the seaplane option.) Once at the island you’ll enjoy a gorgeous hike through the rainforest to a few natural warm springs neatly tucked away against the raging Baranoff river! After a relaxing dip you can continue down the trail to find a pristine glacial lake surrounded by an impressive mountain range. 

A few of our guests after their seaplane ride to a remote glacial lake.

The hike to the warm springs is only a ¼ of a mile and the trail is very well maintained. The springs are perfect for adventurers of all ages and abilities. If you’d like to visit the springs, make sure to give us a heads up! We’ll get with our pilot and our guides to make sure we plan the perfect experience for you.

A Quick Note On Brown Bears

A wild brown bear.

Over here on Admiralty Island we’re famous for our massive brown bear population, and adventurers from all over visit the island with hopes of seeing these spectacular creatures in the wild. While we never guarantee that you’ll see a bear during your time here, there is a real chance that you could encounter one of these beasts during your vacation. If you do come across a bear, it’s important that you know how to handle the situation. For more information on the brown bears of Admiralty Island and brown bear safety, check out this post!

So Many Activities!

Pybus Point Lodge offers a whole lot more than just hiking. Our guests can all enjoy salt and freshwater fishing, glacier tours, whale watching tours, kayaking, and so much more. For a complete list of our activities and excursions, click here!

Come Hike With Us!

The beautiful Pybus Point Lodge.

Ready to hike through the Alaskan rainforest? Book your all-inclusive vacation at one of Alaska’s finest resorts. Pybus Point Lodge has everything you need to enjoy rugged bush in style and comfort: luxury lodging, gourmet dining, guided fishing, and so much more. Book your vacation today to find out why we’ve been awarded Tripadvisor's Traveler’s Choice Award three years in a row.

If you have any questions about our hiking tours, our wildlife excursions, or anything else give 

us a call at 435-412-4286!

Alaska Packing List PDF


Download, share, or print out our PDF Packaging list to make sure you bring all the gear you need for your Alaska vacation!


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Discover why people like you can’t stop talking about Pybus Point Lodge. More than 30 years ago, the lodge opened as a simple fishing camp, drawing a devoted following in spite of basic accommodations. With new owners and experienced captains and crew, our corner of Alaska has become an unbeatable fishing and eco-tourism resort.

Andrea Tate

Incredible Experience!

Pybus Point Lodge has some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen. I mean absolutely breathtaking! In addition to the amazing fishing, I hiked to a beautiful secluded lake, soaked in some hot pots, saw several waterfalls, went whale watching, saw bears and all kinds of wildlife and marine life. As a photographer, photographing a wedding under a waterfall will remain a highlight of my life.

Shirley Johnson

Pybus Point Lodge - WOW!

We had the best time! This was our first visit to Pybus, but it definitely will not be our last. The stunning scenery, amazing fishing experience, and the joy of meeting new friends – all outstanding! We did not want to leave!!! If you are thinking about this trip – don’t think any more, just book it. You will not regret it!!!

Sharon Hedding

Trip of a Lifetime!

We had such an amazing time the staff was so wonderful and the lodge was fantastic! capt Joe was so helpful and always doing what ever he could do to make each day special. a special thank you to both Scott and Jody for taking the time to make us feel like family. can't wait to go back next year

Jason Nielsen

Wonderful and Magical Place

We had an amazing business retreat to Pybus Point Lodge.  Everything was top notch... the fishing, the staff, the boat captains, the food, the accommodations, and especially the scenery. I really liked that Pybus took care of everything from start to finish. Chef John is an amazing cook. We had delicious hot meals the entire trip.  The cabins were amazing and very comfortable.  The fishing was awesome and that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t fish that much.

Brandon Foote

We brought home 100lbs of fish!

My wife and I spent a week at Pybus Point this Summer. We had a beautiful, private room overlooking the bay and our own new, ensuite, private bathroom. What an amazing place for couples to get away together. We set our own breakfast time, met our boat captain after, fished the day along, and returned to clean up and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant. Next time Alaska is on the trip list, Sherrie and I will go together, and it will be to Pybus Point!

Kent Danjanovich

Fun in Alaska

This was my first trip to Pybus Point. I stayed in one of their new cabins. The accommodations were incredible, the view onto the bay in the mornings was stunning. I loved the staff and the food was really very good. All of this and they have new boats to take you out onto fairly calm waters to fish. The fishing guides were great. Overall a great experience. Definitely going back.


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