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Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

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Salmon Fishing Trips

A whole family of salmon fishermen showing off their catch!

Salmon Fishing In Alaska–A Dream Come True

A salmon fishing trip in Southeast Alaska is the kind of experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Everywhere you go you’ll be immersed in some of the most stunning wildlife and natural beauty on planet earth. Along with salmon, many incredible animals call the water near Pybus Point Lodge home. Humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, are about as common in our area as pigeons or squirrels are in the lower 48. While on the boat, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a pristine cluster of rugged islands that are largely untouched by human activity.

An arial shot of one of our boats passing a natural glacial waterfall.

Of course, there’s one crucial reason why nearly every fisherman in America dreams of getting the opportunity to fish Alaska’s rivers and coastline for salmon–the salmon are everywhere. Alaska is home to massive populations of five different species of pacific salmon: pink, coho, chinook, sockeye, and keta. All of which are great to eat and fun to catch.

Thanks to Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) Alaska’s salmon populations are so healthy that the state doesn’t simply support the vast majority of the commercial salmon fishing industry (80% of all commercially caught salmon in North America are caught in Alaska), they also support a massive amount of sport fishing. According to ADFG, the state gives out more fishing licenses to non-state residents than to residents of Alaska every single year.

If you’re planning on salmon fishing in Alaska, you’re going to want to be prepared. Each species of salmon has its own unique lifecycle and can be caught at different times throughout the summer. Below you’ll find everything you need to know the difference between each species, what they taste like, and when to catch them! 

Types of Salmon

Pink Salmon

A happy angler showing off his pink salmon.

Weighing in on average between 3.5-4 pounds, pink salmon are the smallest salmon species found in Alaska. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in quantity. The Alaska pink salmon population is huge, they’re the most abundant species in the state. According to ADFG, commercial fishermen manage to pull in a whopping 219 million of these fish every single year–and that’s just a fraction of the 900 million juveniles that begin life in Alaska annually.

Needless to say, the pink salmon fishing in Alaska is incredible. If you’ve visited us during the mid summer months you know that you can spot a jumping pink salmon just about every 30 seconds. 

A salmon leaping out of the water right in front of Pybus Point Lodge.

Unfortunately, some people have the misconception that pink salmon don’t taste very good because of their relatively cheap price in the supermarket. Don’t be fooled; the price is only so cheap because the fish are so abundant–it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. No matter what these fish cost, they’re seriously delicious–especially for fans of white fish. Unlike other species of salmon, pinks have a pretty low oil content which means they have a very light and delicate flavor. Because of that, many people like to use pink salmon meat in dishes that require sauces or marinades like teriyaki salmon. This is also a great fish to smoke, since the mild meat really takes on that smoky flavor.

If you want to take home some fresh pink salmon, plan your trip anywhere between mid June and late August!

Coho Salmon

One of our guests proudly showing off a big coho salmon!

For sport fishermen, there are few salmon species as exciting as the famous coho (or sometimes called silver) salmon. Due to their quick speed and larger size (typically 8-12 pounds), these fish can put up a serious fight and can be challenging to get into the boat. If you do manage to reel one in you’ll quickly realize that the reward is well worth the hassle.

Many people consider coho to be the best tasting of the salmon species. For a lot of people, the flavor of this fish is right in the sweet spot–it has that delicious salmon flavor without being too overpowering thanks to its mid level oil content.

If you want to target coho, plan to stay with us anytime in August or early September!

Chinook Salmon

A young fisherman posing with a big ol' king salmon!

If you’re a fan of salmon fishing there’s a good chance that you’ve got this fish on your bucket list. The chinook (or king) salmon is the official state fish of Alaska and also the largest out of the five pacific salmon species. On average, these beauties weigh anywhere between 20 and 40 pounds, and they can get a whole lot bigger. The largest chinook on record was caught by commercial fishermen in 1949 and weighed a mind-boggling 126 pounds!

Because of their sheer size and strength, this can be tricky fish to catch. If you do manage to reel one of these monsters in however, you’re in for a treat. This fish is very high in oil which infuses the meat with a deeply rich and buttery flavor. 

While there are plenty of kings in the area around Pybus Point Lodge, keep in mind that this is probably the most heavily regulated salmon out of the five pacific species and that those regulations are always changing. Because of this, we can’t make any promises about catching King salmon while visiting our lodge. We can however promise that our guides will do everything legally possible to help you catch one of these incredible fish.

For your best chance to take home some wild king salmon, we suggest booking your vacation any time from late may to mid July!

Keta Salmon

A guest of ours holding up his hard earned keta salmon.

Keta salmon are known for their large size and the intense fight they put up while on the hook. Typically weighing anywhere from 7 to 18 pounds, keta salmon are the second largest of the pacific salmon species. Just like king salmon, this fish can really throw its weight around and can really make you work to reel it in. Because of the awesome fight ketas put up, they've become an increasingly popular fish in the sport fishing community.

Keta salmon has a very low oil content and a very light flavor making this the perfect salmon for those who don’t love that “fishy” flavor. This is a great fish to marinade and throw on the grill for a meal that will please seafood lovers and seafood skeptics alike.

Keta salmon has a much longer run than the other species and can be found near the lodge between early June and late August.

A handy fish run chart to help you plan your stay at our all-inclusive resort.

Freshwater Salmon Fishing

A guest fly fishing a local river on a beautiful day.

Interested in freshwater salmon fishing? Our full-time freshwater guide is happy to take you deep into the Tongas National Forest to some of our favorite local streams where you can catch both salmon and trout. Not only is the fishing great, but this is an excellent way to explore the remote and rugged terrain around the lodge. 

We have a full-time freshwater guide that can take you to fish a few of our local rivers and help you catch salmon and trout. Not only is the fishing great, but it’s also an excellent way to explore the remote and rugged terrain around the lodge.  If you’re interested in freshwater fishing just let us know! There are multiple freshwater salmon fishing locations near the lodge that are easily accessible via boat. 

And when it comes to gear, it’s all included. We’ve got fly rods, spinner rods, waders, flies, hooks, and everything else you need to hook a salmon

Ready To Fish?

A guest reeling up a wild Alaskan halibut!

Are you ready to explore the waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage on the hunt for pacific salmon? Come fish with us and we’ll pair you up with a full-time guide who is an expert at fishing the unique region of southeast Alaska. We work very hard to find the best guides in the industry–people who know their craft and who love sharing their passion with the people around them. After your vacation is booked, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire to find out what exactly you’re looking for during your time with us. We’ll make sure to match you with the captain that is best suited to help you achieve your goals. 

And don’t worry, we don’t just fish for salmon. No fishing trip to Alaska would be complete without fishing for Alaska’s other incredible native species like halibut, rockfish, and ling cod to name a few. Unlike other fishing charters, we let our guests target as many species as they want in a day. Most of our guests prefer to target halibut and rockfish each morning and target salmon or ling cod in the afternoon. If you want to see a list of all the fish we target at Pybus Point Lodge, click here!

Book Your Trip!

The beautiful Pybus Point Lodge.

If reading this has got you day dreaming about jumping salmon, gorgeous freshwater streams, and cooking up some delicious fresh salmon, then book your vacation today

We offer an incredible all-inclusive vacation at Pybus Point Lodge that can’t be found anywhere else. If you stay with us you’ll enjoy three unbelievable meals a day prepared by our world-class culinary team, luxury hand built cabins, a full-time fishing guide, and a wide array of tours and excursions free of any additional charges! To see everything that you’ll get to experience al our all-inclusive resort, click here.

If you have any questions for us or if you’d prefer to book over the phone, call 435-412-4286 to chat with one of our team members.

Alaska Packing List PDF


Download, share, or print out our PDF Packaging list to make sure you bring all the gear you need for your Alaska vacation!


Chartered Floatplane Service

Pybus Point Lodge is located on an extremely remote island far away from the distractions of the city. This makes for incredible sightseeing, fishing, and an all around great opportunity to connect with friends, family, and m

Wide Selection of Fish Species

Alaska is one of the top dream destinations for anglers around the world, and it’s no surprise why! Our waters are home to a wide variety of fish species that are good to eat and a blast to catch.




Discover why people like you can’t stop talking about Pybus Point Lodge. More than 30 years ago, the lodge opened as a simple fishing camp, drawing a devoted following in spite of basic accommodations. With new owners and experienced captains and crew, our corner of Alaska has become an unbeatable fishing and eco-tourism resort.

Andrea Tate

Incredible Experience!

Pybus Point Lodge has some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen. I mean absolutely breathtaking! In addition to the amazing fishing, I hiked to a beautiful secluded lake, soaked in some hot pots, saw several waterfalls, went whale watching, saw bears and all kinds of wildlife and marine life. As a photographer, photographing a wedding under a waterfall will remain a highlight of my life.

Shirley Johnson

Pybus Point Lodge - WOW!

We had the best time! This was our first visit to Pybus, but it definitely will not be our last. The stunning scenery, amazing fishing experience, and the joy of meeting new friends – all outstanding! We did not want to leave!!! If you are thinking about this trip – don’t think any more, just book it. You will not regret it!!!

Sharon Hedding

Trip of a Lifetime!

We had such an amazing time the staff was so wonderful and the lodge was fantastic! capt Joe was so helpful and always doing what ever he could do to make each day special. a special thank you to both Scott and Jody for taking the time to make us feel like family. can't wait to go back next year

Jason Nielsen

Wonderful and Magical Place

We had an amazing business retreat to Pybus Point Lodge.  Everything was top notch... the fishing, the staff, the boat captains, the food, the accommodations, and especially the scenery. I really liked that Pybus took care of everything from start to finish. Chef John is an amazing cook. We had delicious hot meals the entire trip.  The cabins were amazing and very comfortable.  The fishing was awesome and that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t fish that much.

Brandon Foote

We brought home 100lbs of fish!

My wife and I spent a week at Pybus Point this Summer. We had a beautiful, private room overlooking the bay and our own new, ensuite, private bathroom. What an amazing place for couples to get away together. We set our own breakfast time, met our boat captain after, fished the day along, and returned to clean up and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant. Next time Alaska is on the trip list, Sherrie and I will go together, and it will be to Pybus Point!

Kent Danjanovich

Fun in Alaska

This was my first trip to Pybus Point. I stayed in one of their new cabins. The accommodations were incredible, the view onto the bay in the mornings was stunning. I loved the staff and the food was really very good. All of this and they have new boats to take you out onto fairly calm waters to fish. The fishing guides were great. Overall a great experience. Definitely going back.


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