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An Unbeatable Price for an Unparalleled Experience!

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An Unbeatable Price for an Unparalleled Experience!

The beautiful Pybus Point Lodge!

When visiting Alaska it feels like there’s an endless number of breathtaking sites to visit and excursions to go on. There’s saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, kayaking, glacier tours, bear watching, hikes, floatplane rides… the list goes on and on. And let’s face it, trying to figure out how to squeeze everything you want to do into a few days can be stressful–and expensive! 

By the end of your vacation you might even feel like the price tag and the headache weren’t worth the effort. At Pybus Point Lodge, we’ll take that workload off your shoulders. Our all-inclusive vacation package has everything you could want out of Alaska in one unbeatable location!

Our Incredible Accommodations and Amenities

If you were to try to replicate the experience that we provide at Pybus Point Lodge on your own you might be surprised at how quickly the expenses add up. We don’t want to brag, but we do offer an unforgettable vacation at an unbeatable price. But don’t take our word for it, keep reading to see a breakdown of how much a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) vacation would cost compared to an all-inclusive stay at Pybus Point Lodge.


The porch of one of our luxury cabins!

DIY Alaskan Vacation

Juneau is a major hub for tourists from around the globe, so that means that Juneau is full of high-quality hotel rooms, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Juneau is a small town that hasn’t seen much development in the past few years, and there are surprisingly few hotels. If you plan on visiting Juneau during the peak tourist season it can be downright impossible to find a room for rent. Additionally, most hotels in the area are built for tourists to spend a night or two at before and after going on a cruise or visiting a nearby lodge.

When it comes to amenities at these hotels, it can be difficult to get the same you would see at a 5-star hotel. Juneau may be the capital of Alaska but it’s far from a big city. The accommodations in town have more in common with a roadside motel than they do with a Four Seasons, and the hotels in town only offer basic amenities like an indoor hot tub, continental breakfast, and maybe HBO if you’re lucky.

And things really start to look bleak when you consider the price. Remember how we said that hotels can get fully booked during the summer months? Well that means that hotels can be subject to dynamic pricing, and that can wreak havoc on your trip. If you want to book a hotel room in Juneau during the summer you can expect to pay anywhere between $350 to $600 a night! That’s anywhere between $1,400 and $2,400 for a four day trip just in lodging!

What Pybus Offers

A vacation at Pybus Point Lodge, on the other hand means booking a stay in a luxury, oceanfront, hand-built log cabin complete with a scenic view of the famous Cannery Cove, a world renowned yachting destination. Why stay in a grungy fishing motel when you can spend your summer nights enjoying a five star experience far away from the crowds and noise in Juneau? 

When booking your vacation you can choose perfect cabin for you and your party out of our three Lodging Packages:

01 - Deluxe Group Cabin

02 - Group Bunk Cabins

03 - Deluxe Cabin Rooms


If you’re traveling to Alaska for a corporate retreat, a family reunion, or any other gathering of a large group, check out our Deluxe Group Cabins! You’ll have an entire cabin all to yourself that’s complete with a full kitchen, 4 private rooms, lounge area, pool table, and more! 

In interior of a hand-crafted cabin.

Or maybe your dream vacation is a chance for you and just for you and a few friends or family members to bond over the magic of Alaska.  If that’s you, you’ll love our Studio Cabins! These cabins are fully renovated and sleep 3 to 4 people. Each cabin has a remodeled bathroom and a thermostat controlled fireplace.

The view of Cannery Cove from one of our studio cabins!

If you’re planning on visiting Alaska with just a spouse or close friend, our Deluxe Cabin Rooms are perfect for you! The cabin rooms are exactly the same as in the Deluxe Cabins; you’ll have a choice of bed sizes, a private bathroom, and a thermostat-controlled fireplace. The only real difference is that the lounge and kitchen areas are shared with the other guests in your cabin.

One of our cozy, deluxe cabin rooms.

Amenities at Pybus

Our cabins don’t just come with world famous views and a gorgeous interior. If you stay with us you’ll have three gourmet meals every day along with an unlimited supply of snacks, sodas, energy drinks, coffee, and tea all in our main lodge. And when we say snacks we’re talking about everything from prepackaged snacks like chips and candy bars to delicious fresh baked cookies. The main lodge also has a beautiful sitting room with big comfy sofas that’s perfect for hanging out, playing games, or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and watching the sunrise.

If you’re someone who likes to take it easy on vacation, or if you’re looking for a nice place to unwind after an action-packed day, you’ll love our hot tub deck. Both our salt water and chlorine hot tubs are located on our hand-built boardwalk that overlooks Cannery Cove, and all of the wildlife that inhabits the island. In fact, it’s fairly common to see bald eagles, otters, and sea lions all from the hot tubs–not your typical hotel hot tub experience!

Maybe you’re the type of person who’s perfect vacation doesn’t mean taking a vacation from your exercise routine. If that’s you, there’s no need to worry. We have a fully equipped gym for our guests complete with treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, yoga matts, and pull up bars.

Are you wanting to enjoy a drink while you soak in the Alaskan sunset? Our gift shop is always stocked with a wide array of beer, wine, seltzers, liquor, and cocktail ingredients. 

Additionally, unlike other remote lodges, we provide full WiFi coverage to all of our guests so you can use all of your normal devices. If you need to take care of some business or if you just want to post a few photos to make your friends jealous, the internet is always there for you to use. 

As far as lodging in the Juneau area goes, there’s really no competing with Pybus Point Lodge. From our luxury cabins to our gourmet dining, you’ll find everything you want deep in the heart of the remote Alaskan wilderness. 


An incredible steak with fresh shrimp offered at Pybus Point Lodge

DIY Alaska Vacation

One of the biggest potential hassles when on vacation is finding a good place to eat in a location that you aren’t familiar with. We’ve all had those stressful moments trying to find that perfect, well reviewed restaurant that has plenty of options for everybody. And unfortunately, those stressful times often lead to settling for whatever place is close by and reasonably priced  and family members becoming hangry.

In Juneau, you might find yourself overwhelmed when choosing somewhere to eat. Though finding a restaurant is fairly easy, finding a restaurant that isn’t selling average, overpriced food to tourists is the real challenge. Remember, Juneau can be a bit of a tourist trap and many businesses count on their customers being willing to pay any price to eat the local seafood before boarding their cruise ship. If you want to have some fresh fish with a Dungeness crab appetizer at a typical restaurant, be prepared to spend at least $60 per person. 

And don’t forget about lunch. If you’re going to spend all day fishing or sightseeing in Juneau, you won’t have the ability to stop in at a local restaurant for a quick bite to eat, and unfortunately, many guiding companies don’t provide lunch to their guests. And when you factor in breakfast, plus all of the snacks and drinks you’ll want while you’re out and about, you can easily wind up paying well over $150 per person every day on just food alone.

That means that over the course of a four-5 day vacation for two you can expect to pay $1,000 at the very least!

What Pybus Offers

Freshly caught Dungeness crab served at Pybus Point Lodge.

On the other hand, guests at Pybus Point Lodge can expect three, stress free gourmet meals a day prepared by our in-house culinary team. Every morning begins with a full breakfast buffet complete with eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, granola, fruit, pastries, and various types of pancakes. After breakfast you’ll choose from a variety of handmade pre-packed sandwiches, salads, and fruit cups all made fresh by our culinary team every single day. (And don’t forget all the snacks you could want!) 

For dinner you’ll have two different dining options available to you, our homestyle buffet and our full service dinner. Our homestyle buffet is perfect if you’re looking for something quick to eat before you head out on a skiff or hit the hot tubs. If you’re looking to have a more relaxed dining experience, you’ll want to try our full service dinner. Complete with bread service, a salad, and a wide array of entree’s our wait staff will bring you everything you need.

A delicious pork chop over a bed of creamy polenta.

And speaking of dinner, our most popular dish is the catch of the day. Upon request, any fish you catch during your stay will promptly be cleaned, rinsed, and delivered to our kitchen to be prepared as either an entree or appetizer by our chef just moments after you step foot on our docks–it doesn’t get fresher than that, And if you’re a fan of crab, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll get to eat a delicious Dungeness crab appetizer made from crab that you’ve caught yourself!

A freshly caught halibut entrée.


A beautiful ling cod caught caught by one of our guests!

DIY Alaska Vacation

If you’re coming to Alaska, you’re probably wanting to go fishing! While there’s certainly no shortage of companies that offer fishing charters in Juneau, you might be surprised to find out how much they really cost and how restricted the fishing can be. 

Most charter companies make you choose exactly what species of fish you’d like to catch before booking and only target that species while out on the boat. If you want to spend a full day on the boat and catch multiple types of fish like we do at Pybus, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,800 a day, that’s over $7,000 of your money spent just on fishing during a four day vacation!

Not only that, but that fee might not include fish processing! Many fishing charters simply take you out to catch fish, the process of filleting, rinsing, vacuum packing, and freezing is a different story. They might charge you an extra fee, or tell you to find someone in town that can process your fish for you.

And that doesn’t even include freshwater fishing! Doing something as simple as salmon fishing from the shore near Juneau costs at the very least an additional $100. If you’re looking to go out on a real adventure on a remote river get ready to fork over hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

What Pybus Offers

One of our guests enjoying a salmon fishing experience!

Needless to say a trip to Pybus won’t cost you nearly as much. When our guests want to spend a full day fishing for halibut, rockfish, ling cod, pacific cod, and salmon with a professional guide, all they have to do is walk down to our state of the art dock house after breakfast. Our guests enjoy four full days of fishing–that’s a $7,000 value–as a part of their all-inclusive package in one of our custom-built boats. And this isn’t just any fishing trip, this is fishing in the world famous Inside Passage with one of our carefully selected career guides on a custom built fishing boat

One of our custom-built fishing boats on the way to the next fishing spot!

At the end of the day, our guides and dock team work together to filet, rinse, package, vacuum seal, and freeze every fish to ensure that the fish you eat is as high quality as possible. To make this happen, we’ve built a state of the art fish processing house right on our docks. At the end of your vacation you’ll receive a heavy duty, insulated box of all the fish you caught during your stay. 

One of our custom-built, mylar insulated fish boxes!

And of course, it doesn’t stop there. Maybe you want to spend a morning freshwater fishing? At Pybus Point Lodge you just have to let us know, and our freshwater guide will take you out in a private boat to nearby rivers that run through the beautiful Tongass National Forest on Admiralty Island free of charge. Once arriving at the river you’ll travel through the rugged remote territory to catch a variety of salmon species. Freshwater fishing at Pybus Point Lodge isn’t as simple as driving up to a river and throwing out a line, it’s an adventure of its own! 

A guest enjoying a freshwater, fly fishing excursion.

And let’s say that at the end of the day you’d like to take a boat of your own out for a ride and do some bear watching or extra halibut fishing. Or maybe you’d even like to forgo your guide and spend a full day out on the water captaining your own boat.  Once again, this isn’t a problem for guests at Pybus. We have multiple jet powered skiffs for our guests to reserve–something that would be pretty tricky to find in Juneau–that are perfect for those later afternoon solo fishing expeditions. We even have multiple, brand new, custom-built boats available for self guided use that you can reserve at any point during your stay. Just renting a boat that comes close to the size and quality of what we offer would cost someone in Juneau at least $350–and that price might not include all the other necessities like fuel, insurance, rods, and tackle. At Pybus Point Lodge, we’ll set you up with everything you need for a safe and successful self-guided experience in the secluded waters near our lodge.

Two of our guests halibut fishing in one of our jet skiffs.

Excursions, Tours, and Activities

One of our custom-built fishing boats next to a massive ice berg on our glacier viewing excursion!

DIY Alaska Vacation 

There are a plethora of things to do in Alaska besides fishing. No trip to Alaska is complete without seeing a humpback whale surface, a serene glacier, a crystal clear waterfall, or any number of other natural phenomena. And like with all other things in Juneau, a chance to take in the local sites can really put a dent in your bank account. Something as simple as whale watching can cost around $150 per person–and that’s just for a couple of hours! If you want to take a seaplane tour of the Juneau area you better be ready to pay around $250 per person. Boat tours to see the nearby Sawyer Glaciers cost around $180 per person. Guided kayak tours of Admiralty Island cost over $900 per person–the expenses can really add up. To simply go on the previously mentioned tours you’re looking at spending around $1,500 per person. 

Even the little things can start to add up. If you’re planning on traveling with kids you might be interested in signing them up for a fun gold panning activity. If you want your kids to get the chance to learn all about the Alaska gold rush and find some gold of their own, get ready to pay around $80 per kid! 

What Pybus Offers

Pybus Point Lodge offers the perfect alternative for those looking for a smarter way to spend their vacation budget. Nearly every trip to Pybus begins with a 45 minute long seaplane ride where you’ll have a sprawling view of the national forest, brown bears, humpback whales, and surrounding islands. Once you arrive at the lodge you’ll be introduced to your own guide that will take care of you for the duration of your trip. Your guide will be available every day to take you fishing, whale watching, to take you on your own private tour of the Sawyer Glacier, or to take you to the nearby Baranof warm springs and glacial lake. 

Unlike what’s available in Juneau, there’s no need to worry about setting aside time that’s exclusively for whale watching or just dedicated to fishing. Thanks to our incredible guides and our world renowned location, you can combine many of our activities together into a one day adventure! How you spend your time on the boat is up to you, if you want to see the glacier in the morning and then fish for halibut in the afternoon, no problem! If you’d like to take a break from fishing and go humpback whale watching for an hour or two, just let us know!

And if the glacier or warm springs sound fun but you’re looking for something a little more thrilling than a boat ride, we’ve got you covered. Our pilot can take you to your destination in the lodge’s seaplane

An arial view of Admiralty Island from a seaplane.

Perhaps your dream vacation is a little more physically active. If that’s the case, our excursion director and wildlife guide can take you on a kayak tour in the scenic Pybus Bay! Our wildlife guide is an expert on all things flora and fauna and can answer any questions you might have. If you’re feeling like a hike just let us know and we’ll boat you over to the nearby donkey bay where you can hike through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall! Plus our excursions director guides an afternoon hike on the local Steele Trail where they’ll teach you all about the indigenous plants and animals. If you’re planning on traveling with any kids, we’ve got some activities just for them! From panning for gold to arts and crafts, your children are sure to make some fun memories at Pybus Point Lodge.

Two of our guests on a hike to the nearby hidden falls!

 Let’s Do The Math!

Our dock on a beautiful morning in Alaska.

Alaska is full of some of the most impressive natural beauty on earth, and we at Pybus Point Lodge don’t think that beauty should be ruined by the stress and financial burden of organizing your vacation by yourself. When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. We do our best to make sure that we have what it takes to give every one of our guests their dream Alaska vacation no matter what they want to do. We offer our guests all of the fun that Alaska has to offer, without the hassle and the price tag. 

Speaking of the price tag, let’s do the math! If you’re looking to organize your own vacation in Juneau and still get to do all that’s offered at Pybus, you can expect to pay–at the very leastover $10,000 per person! That’s $3,000 extra dollars to pay for a lower quality vacation.

Why overpay when you can save and reserve 4 or 5 days at a remote, luxury resort where everything you could want is at your fingertips for $7,000 per person! 

Don’t waste  $10,000 just to get a fraction of the experience we offer at Pybus Point Lodge for a simple flat fee. Be your family's hero by booking your own all-inclusive vacation at Pybus Point Lodge today!

If you have any questions about what we offer at Pybus Point Lodge and you’d like to talk to one of our team members, give us a call at 435-412-426.

Alaska Packing List PDF


Download, share, or print out our PDF Packaging list to make sure you bring all the gear you need for your Alaska vacation!


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Discover why people like you can’t stop talking about Pybus Point Lodge. More than 30 years ago, the lodge opened as a simple fishing camp, drawing a devoted following in spite of basic accommodations. With new owners and experienced captains and crew, our corner of Alaska has become an unbeatable fishing and eco-tourism resort.

Andrea Tate

Incredible Experience!

Pybus Point Lodge has some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen. I mean absolutely breathtaking! In addition to the amazing fishing, I hiked to a beautiful secluded lake, soaked in some hot pots, saw several waterfalls, went whale watching, saw bears and all kinds of wildlife and marine life. As a photographer, photographing a wedding under a waterfall will remain a highlight of my life.

Shirley Johnson

Pybus Point Lodge - WOW!

We had the best time! This was our first visit to Pybus, but it definitely will not be our last. The stunning scenery, amazing fishing experience, and the joy of meeting new friends – all outstanding! We did not want to leave!!! If you are thinking about this trip – don’t think any more, just book it. You will not regret it!!!

Sharon Hedding

Trip of a Lifetime!

We had such an amazing time the staff was so wonderful and the lodge was fantastic! capt Joe was so helpful and always doing what ever he could do to make each day special. a special thank you to both Scott and Jody for taking the time to make us feel like family. can't wait to go back next year

Jason Nielsen

Wonderful and Magical Place

We had an amazing business retreat to Pybus Point Lodge.  Everything was top notch... the fishing, the staff, the boat captains, the food, the accommodations, and especially the scenery. I really liked that Pybus took care of everything from start to finish. Chef John is an amazing cook. We had delicious hot meals the entire trip.  The cabins were amazing and very comfortable.  The fishing was awesome and that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t fish that much.

Brandon Foote

We brought home 100lbs of fish!

My wife and I spent a week at Pybus Point this Summer. We had a beautiful, private room overlooking the bay and our own new, ensuite, private bathroom. What an amazing place for couples to get away together. We set our own breakfast time, met our boat captain after, fished the day along, and returned to clean up and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant. Next time Alaska is on the trip list, Sherrie and I will go together, and it will be to Pybus Point!

Kent Danjanovich

Fun in Alaska

This was my first trip to Pybus Point. I stayed in one of their new cabins. The accommodations were incredible, the view onto the bay in the mornings was stunning. I loved the staff and the food was really very good. All of this and they have new boats to take you out onto fairly calm waters to fish. The fishing guides were great. Overall a great experience. Definitely going back.


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